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Physical Intelligence Coaching



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Physical Intelligence is a new concept for many, which means that most people need some help developing it.  Through coaching on how to become more physically intelligent, individuals and teams can develop the ability to to build strength, flexibility, resilience and endurance so that they are better prepared to thrive in today's complex, exponentially changing and demanding environments. 


Because each individual and team is unique, we develop a bespoke Physical Intelligence protocol specifically for you based on your own strengths, challenges, and opportunities for development. Through this coaching, you will experience transformed energy levels, greater cognitive power, more emotional and mental stability and flexibility, and a curious, resilient mindset that is open to change, and better prepared to respond to challenges at work and at home.


Our Process

  • We begin by assessing your energy levels, capacity, strengths and weaknesses, using a questionnaire.

  • We ask you to share what you want to achieve in your current role/life, and how you want to feel in a variety of critical situations.

  • Using techniques drawn from our curriculum of over 100 Physical Intelligence techniques, including breathing patterns, movements, thought processes and ways of communicating, we equip you with the bespoke set of tools you need to create the change you are seeking.

  • You practice using your Physical Intelligence protocol in a variety of simulations and role plays, as well as in real life, over the course of a series of coaching sessions.




After a 30 minute introductory phone call and completion of a questionnaire, we conduct a diagnostic session in person to establish the parameters of the coaching, followed by between 3 and 10 coaching sessions either in person or online. Sessions are either 1.5 or 2 hours long. We agree regular review points throughout the coaching programme. Observation and additional activities and interventions are established as needed within this high performance coaching programme.

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