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Physical Intelligence 

in the press

Physical IntelligenCE

in the press

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BBC Radio

Listen to Claire Dale
(Companies  in motion founder) 
on the robert elms show each monday at
11:30am UK time

Featured in: 


BBC WorLd NEws

Aaron Heslehurst introduces viewers to Physical Intelligence in this interview with Companies in Motion Director, Patricia Peyton
Family in the Kitchen

Planet Mindful

Holidays at home
How to find Joy in staycations this summer
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Blog talk radio

Which boomer out there wouldn’t want to live a long, happy and productive life? 
To those ends our guest, Patricia Peyton , SHARES fascinating science-based research on how we can manage our own brain chemistry to perform at our peak.
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12 ways to increase your positivity and replenish your emotional energy
Read More
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Mens Health

How to Fall Asleep Fast When Nothing Else Works

Tired of counting sheep?
Try these expert-backed sleep techniques,
tips and tricks

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Business Meeting


Driving Business Outcomes with Physical Intelligence

Yoga by the Ocean
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PR Newswire

World Renowned Book, Physical Intelligence, Launches Today in the US: Offering Readers the Ability to Achieve More, Stress Less and Live More Happily

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Summer: longer days, a chance to get outdoors, live in the moment and make the most of the opportunities to spend time outdoors with friends and family.

Young Business Colleagues

Press Reader

Building your pi: 
Changing how we move can influence how we thinK and feel, and help us craft a life we love
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How Physical Intelligence can help Boost career performance

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Fit and well

How to build mental endurance during lockdown – top tips from experts
Working Together

New Business

Why employee wellbeing is key to business performance

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seed world

Brain Power: 4 Elements to Achieving More
Fit Couple

GlasGlow Times

Physical Intelligence: Oxford Lit Fest guests share tips on wellbeing

Sharing Food


These Authors Reveal The Physical Intelligence Life Hacks For Wellbeing And Success
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Daily Hunt

Brain Hacks to Boost Motivation and Beat the Work From Home Blues

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Education executive

12 ways to increase your positivity and replenish your emotional energy
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Harpers Bazaar

How to avoid post-lockdown burnout
Worried about life returning to normal after lockdown? Our new-found slower living may benefit our wellbeing long-term.
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ceo today

Leadership Lessons For A Crisis: Building Resilience, Flexibility And Endurance
For business leaders seeking to improve themselves, consider some simple physical exercise techniques to boost energy, reduce stress and become more adept at confronting daily challenges.
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Association of mba's

How being more ‘physically intelligent’ can make you a better leader
Yoga at Home


5 Panic Busters to Instantly Calm Your Nervous System
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fast company

Google body language consultant shares how to relax and be confident on Zoom
A body language expert who’s worked with the likes of Google points out that body language influences how we feel and the feelings we generate in others—even during videoconferences.
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Image by Scott Graham

training zone

How physical intelligence can benefit employees in the workplace
Happy Coffee
Folding Yoga Mat

holistic scottland

Holiday cancelled? Here’s how to have a great staycation instead
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