Physical Intelligence is a high performance ‘practice’ used by millions of people right across the globe enabling them to thrive, personally and professionally, and make excellent decisions for the greater good in today’s fast paced, demanding, ever-changing technologically advanced world.


  • To help people across the globe to achieve more, stress less and live and work more happily

  • To develop people who are able to create working and living environments and relationships that are outstandingly productive and harmonious

  • To make Physical Intelligence, the understanding of the relationship between the brain, body, and emotions and the associated ‘chemical story,’ known concepts and a priority across the globe

  • To make a genuine contribution to society, making a measurable difference to the workplace and to leave a legacy


  • ​Creativity:  We are used to breaking boundaries/forging new ground – and challenge ourselves to offer our clients the latest thinking with regard to Physical Intelligence in terms of content and delivery.

  • Collaboration:  We believe in partnerships, and dialogue, co-creating a future vision and solutions to achieve that vision at the individual, team and organisational level, founded on generosity, honesty and trust.

  • Conviction:  We value and develop the voices and processes that make positive change happen for the greater good, strengthening the ability of leaders and individual contributors to speak up for necessary change and for those who are vulnerable, speaking truth to power when necessary. We also have the courage needed to drive awareness around the importance of and need for Physical Intelligence (in addition to cognitive and emotional intelligence) and the risk to individuals, teams, organisations, cultures and societies without it.

  • Excellence:  We hold ourselves to a high standard and set ambitious goals. We always bring those high standards of work to our clients and expect the same from our clients and partners.

  • Integrity:  Responsibility, reliability, honesty and commitment are central to how we operate.  We always deliver what we say we will deliver and do what we say we will do.