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The Winning Cocktail for Resilience


Resilience is our ability to bounce back from adversity – physically, mentally and emotionally. It also includes our ability to grow and learn while bouncing back, finding opportunity in adversity and balancing being both optimistic and realistic. As humans, like many other animals, we have a natural negative bias to situations. This has put us at the top of the food chain.  We have survived as a species because we have been alert to threats.

The winning cocktail for resilience is plenty of Serotonin, Oxytocin, Testosterone, Dopamine, Melatonin, DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone), GABA (gamma-Aminobutyric acid), and SIgA (Secretory Immunoglobine Antibody).  When our cortisol (stress hormone) level is too high, our resilience drops taking with it some of the vital ingredients of our winning cocktail. Repeated stressors will continue to have a negative impact on resilience in a downward cycle.  As we improve our ability to bounce back and become more resourceful, the stability of our chemical cocktail improves and we can spiral upwards more easily. Some stressors will disappear, others will be dealt with more easily.  Knowing that we are wired this way, Companies in Motion provides physical intelligence techniques that enable us to consciously leverage physical, mental and emotional resources to develop a positive mindset and bounce back more effectively and efficiently in the face of adversity – at work and at home.

Here are a few simple Physical Intelligence techniques to help you build your resilience:

Building Resilience

  • Maintain optimal cortisol levels by blocking out time in your schedule each week for REST (Retreat, Eat [healthy], Sleep and Treat). Write the word ‘REST’ in blocks in your calendar; guard those windows.

Bouncing Back from Disappointment

  • Think of a setback or mistake you’ve made. Zoom in and see a ‘close-up’ of yourself. Remember the intensity of feelings at the time. Zoom out, hover in wide angle over the scene, including contributing elements past and present. Know that you’re not alone and others have experienced/are experiencing similar situations. If you’re dwelling on something, talk to someone you trust about it, then commit to letting it go.

Maintaining a Positive Mindset

  • Smile at yourself in the mirror every morning. It boosts serotonin.

  • Literally jump for joy – jumping promotes optimism.

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