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London, England

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The Winning Cocktail for Flexibility

Lack of flexibility both mentally and emotionally is usually accompanied by physical tension or collapse caused by being in a physiological threat response for a sustained period of time. Once we realise that we are in threat response, using flexibility techniques is one way to discharge the negative effects of the threat chemical cortisol and replace them with the chemicals that are better for sustained peak performance – Oxytocin and Serotonin.

Oxytocin gives us the ability to create trust, social bonds and rapport. It enables us to work well in teams, conceive win/win ideas, and prevents us from alienating others. Serotonin gives us the sense of self, status and well-being that we need in order to be able to confidently work through complex needs in business relationships.  Serotonin is particularly important in the process of balancing after winning. If this balance doesn't happen easily or naturally, we need to consciously bring these chemicals into the body in order to alter how we are thinking, feeling and behaving.  At Companies in Motion, we share physical intelligence techniques around breath, movement and how we interact with others – all of which provide us with greater flexibility.