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21 this year


We spent decades believing that our ability and success were tied in large part to our IQ.  Then, in 1996, we were told we needed to also consider EQ (Emotional Intelligence, popularized by Daniel Goleman) – both critical, to be sure.  And yet, IQ and EQ alone won’t power performance.  Building upon the theme of multiple intelligences (introduced by Howard Gardner), data supports that Physical Intelligence is the missing link in business and in life – a genuine differentiator over which we as individuals have complete control.  Physical Intelligence underpins and strengths both IQ and EQ, redefining the intelligence we bring to the workplace and our lives by enabling us to consistently perform at a peak levels.


Physical Intelligence helps us evolve in a more constructive way. It creates businesses and societies where people take responsibility for themselves...where people are thoughtful about how to use their capacity as a human being...where they are armed with techniques that foster harmony and help them achieve and sustain peak performance.

As the rate of change increases and stress levels rise and as Gen Xers and Millennials become a larger percentage of the workforce, the traditional response will no longer be sufficient.  Employees will demand – and the best organizations will want to provide – resources to create a healthier, more balanced work environment, resources to support our ability to demonstrate strength, flexibility, resilience, and endurance. 


Whether you are leading a team through challenging change, a woman returning to work, a young analyst working long hours, a front line manager juggling multiple responsibilities, a medical professional working long hours and making life and death decisions, etc. – everyone's performance benefits from Physical Intelligence. Beyond the work environment, individuals will seek these things out for their own lives.  We know (and neuroscience supports) that arming people with Physical Intelligence resources will better prepare them to respond to challenging situations and environments at work and at home.  They will be armed to implement change, respond to challenges, manage stress, and achieve and sustain peak performance. 

Our team is prepared to help you transform your workplace and your life.

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