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"Companies in Motion have worked with my Leadership Team through an intense period of change and transition to a new organisational design. Their work has positively impacted us as leaders and the way change was felt throughout a global team of around 700 people, leading to the successful implementation of the new organisation.

Physical Intelligence has given us a new approach to ourselves as leaders; strengthening our ability to handle uncertainty, to communicate with empathy, to visualise and stay true to the end goal when, at times, it has felt hard to achieve. The learning about ourselves is deep, but the techniques are simple, memorable and easy to adopt. Working with Claire and Kevin is both energising and thoughtful, we have created drive and found time for rejuvenation. As leaders we are now focused on the direction of the new organisation and the Physical Intelligence approach is allowing us to identify our motivation, prioritise goals and engage our people with trust and conviction. I've seen both my team and myself grow in the months we've been working with Claire and Kevin and see this as a foundation for us moving forwards."

Catherine Hall, GM T&S Business Integration & Assurance, Commercial operations, Shell Trading


"We have been working with Claire and Pat for four years now, levering Physical Intelligence to make a step change in powerful communication and business partnership in our technical communities.  The program they developed for us is truly transformational. Every delegate – along with their managers - talks about the positive impact the content and practise has had on their performance, immediately and sustainably. We have had a number of delegates promoted or given high profile communication opportunities that can be directly attributable to Physical Intelligence and senior leaders are now championing the course as they visibly see the return on investment. It is seen as a critical and permanent part of our Technical Leadership curriculum."

Senior Manager, Corporate University, Leading FMCG Company

"The Physical Intelligence approach using creativity and movement was fantastic for illustrating concepts such as resistance, shared leadership and barriers to real communication without having to labour through presentations. Somehow this gets much quicker to real, embodied learning than many of the conventional workshops."
Capital One

"It pushed my boundaries, used unique techniques (at least to me) and has left me with much to think about and several things to do."
Natural England

"The benefits were evident in unleashing energy for change. Physical Intelligence is a product that totally removes the boundaries associated with traditional development processes."

“Excellent combination of physical and theoretical worlds. Thoroughly enjoyable, rewarding and worthwhile two days.”
National Express

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“… this training is amazing and life-changing… everything you taught me helped me to be strong and perform, exactly when I needed to.”

“This course is really one of the best and most sustainable courses. It is a great investment of their (and my) time.”

“It is absolutely business relevant to drive effectiveness and to build the perception of technical leaders as business partners.”

“…her confidence in communicating to broad audiences from different levels has been significant and beyond expectations from day 1! This has increased her performance and enabled her to unlock her full potential and a promotion.”

"Thank you so much for such a life changing powerful communication course...Four months on and I have been promoted to a much bigger role...During my interview, I had the courage of starting with « let me tell you a story », left it unscripted and felt great delivering it. Feedback says it all « Fantastic, superb design, you nailed it ». What an amazing transformation from the nervous and stiff presenter hiding behind slides which I once was. Thank you and please keep on teaching!"

Research and Development Team, leading FMCG company

"Physical Intelligence helped our people to connect with our plans at a personal level and take personal accountability. The results that we are seeing are fantastic."  
Jane Archbold, Managing Director, Sage (UK) Accountants Division


"Some of the most stimulating and innovative approaches to embedding leadership skills that I have ever seen." 
Tim Nightingale, CEO, Somerset Leisure Ltd


"For a team the beginning is an important part of the journey, otherwise people don't believe in it. The preparation and facilitation provided by CIM was invaluable. the team were very quickly willing to open up to new perspectives. Because the learning is physical it lasts - you can replay the memory and the moment and reuse it." 
Dr. Stefanie Teichmann, Group Strategy Director, Coca Cola


"Really great coaching, authoritative and direct." 
Jonathan Burney, Head of Regional Advocacy and Partnerships Team, Natural England


"Physical Intelligence is the missing piece." 
Dr. Stefanie Teichmann, Group Strategy Director, Coca Cola

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