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The Winning Cocktail for Endurance


Endurance is about mental toughness, determination, perseverance and planning, having a strategy for sustaining effort during difficult times and maintaining peak performance for longer periods of time.  It is about time management and energy management.  When things are physically, emotionally and mentally painful, when extreme patience is required to keep communication open - you need endurance. When you need to re-commit to a plan despite thoughts of giving up, when you are in the midst of a challenging project and struggling to reach resolution and it’s difficult to remember why this chosen path seemed like a good idea – you need endurance.

Dopamine is a key chemical for endurance. Dopamine levels drop when there is no reward in sight and you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. We need to be able to boost our own Dopamine levels when things are difficult. Underlying levels of DHEA (vitality and longevity) support endurance, as does the release of Beta endorphins – our natural pain killers. With specific techniques, it is possible to develop endurance. To build stamina, an athlete trains for a week on rest and recovery and positive mind-set, followed by a week of all out endurance training.    Using breath, movement, and mindset techniques, Companies in Motion prepares you to train this way for your professional and personal lives, building capacity for the heavy lifting we all inevitably will face.

These Physical Intelligence techniques will help you with endurance:

Achieving Long Term Goals

  • Think of a long term goal and visualise interim milestones you need to accomplish in order to achieve your long term goal.  Clear focus on that goal is the first step to achieving it.

  • To generate energy to continue to move forward, firm/flex your muscles and envision stepping along a timeline toward your next goal.  Say out loud, “Come on!  You can do this!” (boosts dopamine).  When we see something we want, we feel a shot of dopamine. When we step towards it, we feel another shot, and when we reach out and grasp it, we get a
    bigger shot.  Muscle- firming gives us willpower and the ability to keep going.

  • Celebrate achieving each milestone (boosts dopamine and testosterone).

Motivating Others

  • Appreciation is a powerful motivator. Send three quick texts/emails thanking/appreciating people for something.

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