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Harness your body's untapped intelligence to achieve more, stress less and live more happily.

by Companies in Motion founder, Claire Dale and Director, Patricia Peyton

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HR Magazine
Spring 2019

The highly successful four-part strategy for raising your performance at work and home so that you can thrive in a busy, challenging world, from the experts who have worked with Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies across the globe. 

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Using our Physical Intelligence we can strengthen our cognitive function and alter our mood, emotional responses, stress, confidence and happiness levels at will.


The next big thing!

Glamour Magazine

This clever new neuroscience-backed wellness trend will help you take charge of your body, brain, schedule and life.

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Physical intelligence is the latest buzzword in wellbeing.

HR Magazine
(Named Physical Intelligence
one of the top HR books of 2019)

Talking Business with Aaron Heslehurst, BBC World News

Do you wish you could be more focused and productive? Would you like to ensure your most confident performance when the stakes are high and your stress levels are even higher?

The way your body reacts in any given situation determines your ability to think clearly and your capacity for managing your emotions. When you understand the way your body reacts and how to manage it, your physical intelligence, you can handle that stressful family situation, the make-or-break meeting and the important business presentation. 

Each step-by-step strategy can be easily integrated into a busy day and is combined with useful tips and inspiring stories of people who have turned their lives around through physical intelligence. 


Edward Kemp, Director Royal Academy of the Dramatic Arts

This is a wise and generous book. I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t gain by dipping into it (better still, reading it from cover to cover) . . . In an age where we constantly ignore or abuse our body’s intelligence and value the prizes of the education system over the benefits of
learning, this book is an essential counterblast to a better, more
integrated way of working and living.

Stefanie Teichmann, Director, Google


Scientific research paired with practical experience and easy life hacks makes Physical Intelligence an inspiring read that will literally change the way you walk through life.  Physical Intelligence is the missing link!

Wayne McGregor CBE, resident choreographer, Royal Ballet

This book is totally brilliant, a super mix of the intelligent and the practical. Physical Intelligence is as important or more important than any other form of intelligence. That’s hotly debated and not yet really respected and this needs to change.

Head of Business Development, Global Pharmaceutical Company

Physical Intelligence should be part of everyone’s education in business – the earlier the better. It’s a gift and the quicker the business gives you this gift, the healthier you will be – physically, mentally and emotionally – inside and out of work. It is not just about work; it’s about life and it is the most amazing gift for people in all walks of life and at all levels.

Manager, Corporate University for Global FMCG Company

We have been working with Claire and Pat for four years now, levering Physical Intelligence to make a step change in powerful communication and business partnership in our technical communities.  The program they developed for us is truly transformational. Every delegate – along with their managers - talks about the positive impact the content and practise has had on their performance, immediately and sustainably. We have had a number of delegates promoted or given high profile communication opportunities that can be directly attributable to Physical Intelligence and senior leaders are now championing the course as they visibly see the return on investment. It is seen as a critical and permanent part of our Technical Leadership curriculum

Director of L&D, Global Pharmaceutical Company US

With the accelerated pace of change and competition, there’s more pressure than ever to get to the “finish-line” as fast as possible. There are many days when aggressive deadlines rule pace. My team manages and delivers multiple cycles of development programs so resilience is key. We’ve embedded many of the practices from PHYSICAL INTELLIGENCE to reset and rebuild not only our own energy but those of our program participants. The exercises are simple and adaptable to virtually any setting. Using quite a few techniques from the book, we design our multi-day program agendas with “mini breaks” to elevate engagement and attention. These might be facilitated 5- minute stretching exercises or just a few moments of meditative breathing. I’ve incorporated several physical intelligence techniques and suggestions into every aspect of work and life for myself, my team and our delegates and they have had a measurable impact on our effectiveness. As a healthcare company, we especially appreciate that all of the concepts are rooted in sound neuroscience, enhancing their credibility and the team's receptivity.  Anyone in any walk of like would benefit from incorporating the Physical Intelligence techniques in this book.

Gustavo Murad, Global Head of Sales Enablement, Twitch (Amazon)

During my years in the tech industry, I've learned that personal and work life are more intricately connected than it's commonly assumed. There's no such thing as work/life balance. There is work/life integration. That means that you cannot turn a knob in your brain and go to "work mode" or "leisure mode", just as you cannot separate your "academic" intelligence from your physical one. Physical factors drive behaviors. That understanding allowed me to face many personal and business challenges in my life that threatened to rock my balance and scatter my focus. I've worked for years with Patricia Peyton and was privy to the concepts found in Physical Intelligence before they were published. What a privilege. The easy to understand, effective ideas found in this book helped me to have a more holistic understanding of human intelligence and to drive mine and my team's performance to greater heights. They made me, personally, a sharper, more focused individual. They also helped me integrate my personal and work life in a meaningful way. I could not have achieved the business success I enjoy today without them.

Sheri Smith,  Director, Global Field Onboarding and IT Academy, VMware

Being successful in business and in life requires more than subject matter expertise and experience.  Many people don’t understand the connection between our physiology and our personal and professional success.  Our mindset, how we manage our emotions, the quality of our interpersonal relationships and networks all play a role in our success.  This practical, readable book, well supported by neuroscience, establishes that physical intelligence techniques can transform individual and team effectiveness and provides a clear, easy to implement roadmap for incorporating those techniques into our daily routines.  I’ve experienced the impact of Physical Intelligence firsthand and believe that any individual or team would benefit from its sound advice

Dr. Andy W. Neillie, Leadership and Sales Consultant

"Strength, Flexibility, Resilience and Endurance." As a business owner, best-selling leadership author and long-time F500 consultant, I know these four traits are key to the character of an enduring leader. What I learned from this book is that these leadership character traits come from a place of physical intelligence. I can be stronger, more flexible, more resilient and have greater business endurance when I develop and bank on these same four traits of physical intelligence. Thanks for opening my eyes, Pat, to the both the chemistry & science of physical intelligence and also some very practical "life hacks" to improve my leadership influence and my life through connecting the dots between my physical well-being and my leadership effectiveness!

Kelcey Buck,


As a licensed marriage and family therapist, I often work with clients who are struggling with chronic anxiety, depression, relationship and family stress. Physical Intelligence is a game changer! It offers a number of easy, practical and useful exercises that make a huge difference in improving overall health. I've recommended several of the exercises to my clients who report feeling less anxious, depressed and better able to perform at work and communicate with loved ones. I highly recommend it!

Roz Carroll, Body Psychotherapist and Author

An extraordinary, up- to- the- minute scientific blueprint for optimising your life, harnessing the natural intelligence of the body. Convincing, thorough, creative, pragmatic, well- organised: a brilliant resource
book for professionals, practitioners, clients, families, those in good health, those in poor health. I can’t imagine anybody – no matter how
psychologically skilled or trained – who wouldn’t learn a huge amount from this.

Dr. Peter Lovatt, BSc, MSc, PhD in psychology and computational
neuroscience, University of Hertfordshire and author

Physical Intelligence is essential reading for anyone with a body and a mind. It flows effortlessly from beginning to end, like a warm summer’s breeze, infused with relatable stories, clearly described exercises, life
hacks and insights from some of the most prominent and successful people in the arts, media and sport . . . I wish I’d read this book twenty years ago, but I’m delighted to have read it now. Dale and Peyton define the field of Physical Intelligence brilliantly and engagingly. A must- read

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