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Take our quiz to find out.

Take our four minute survey. Once you have your results, answer the following questions to start improving your Physical Intelligence.

People with high Physical Intelligence have crafted their lives to perform at peak most of the time. Applying a range of techniques, they consistently realise their ambitions and face tough challenges with relative ease; they are strong and stable, flexible, resilient and can endure significant periods of hardship whilst maintaining energy levels and vitality. They have energy to spare to help others, support causes, and find time to give back.

  • Do I use posture and breathing technique to maintain a positive approach to problem solving at work and take responsibility for my mood and mental alertness?

  • Am I aware of the physical aspects of emotions and have a high level of emotional intelligence as well? (Emotions are experienced first in the body - we choose how to react.)

  • Do I understand boundaries and exercise self-control?

  • Do I sit for too long?

  • Am I physically relaxed under most circumstances, using energy and muscular tension efficiently?

  • Have I explored and fine-tuned my personal impact in selling, presenting, influencing and one to one relationships?

  • Do I exude natural confidence and authority and does what I say carry ‘weight?’

  • Do I appear spontaneous and genuine?

  • Can I think well on my feet by applying grounding/centering techniques?

  • Do I notice body language in people around me and respond accordingly?

  • Am I an inspiring, enthusiastic and clear communicator because my body and my message are aligned?

  • Do I nurture and develop my people by listening, watching, becoming attuned to their potential?

  • Is my eye contact direct and do I come across as trustworthy and clear thinking?

  • Am I relaxed and at ease in my own skin so that creative, lateral or alternative thinking comes easily, enabling projects to succeed well, and people to thrive?  (Life is serious fun.)

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