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Divers Underwater

In response to the unprecedented amount of change around us and its related challenges, some people have started to put together techniques on their own to help them cope (yoga, meditation, physical fitness, good nutrition, etc.), which we fully support, but a comprehensive set of techniques hasn’t existed anywhere – until now.  Physical Intelligence, is that comprehensive solution – an antidote for the challenges of our time – one repository of information that draws on multiple disciplines and serves as a counterblast to the challenges of life today by providing a better way of working and living.  Physical Intelligence is the intelligence for the 21st century.


There are literally hundreds of Physical Intelligence techniques – breathing techniques, movements, thought processes and ways to communicate – as well as guidance on fitness and nutrition – that we can use to help us to get in the driving seat of our lives.  These techniques are easy to incorporate into your daily life.  Some only take seconds.  Whether we are working with you on an individual or team level, we'll help you put your own protocol in place based on what you need and what resonates for you – and if you are reading our book on your own, you can create your own personal protocol.  

Physical Intelligence techniques have been used for decades in the worlds of sports and the arts.  Sports psychologists and top performers in sport and the arts use a variety of techniques to manage their "Winning Cocktail" and build peak performance. We can learn from their successes by acknowledging and embracing the impact of those techniques on our own personal and professional performance.    


Based on two decades of neuroscientific research and our own success stories, we know that Physical Intelligence doesn't just sit alongside Cognitive Intelligence (IQ) and Emotional Intelligence (EQ), it underpins them.  It is time to harness this untapped intelligence to transform our lives at work and at home.

In order to positively influence our chemistry using Physical Intelligence, there are techniques to help us consciously, consistently and collectively manage our chemical balance to provide support in four key areas:  Strength, Flexibility, Resilience and Endurance.





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