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Right now, hundreds of chemicals (hormones and neurotransmitters) are racing through each of our bodies, in our bloodstreams and nervous systems.  Those chemicals dictate how we think, feel, speak and behave.  Yet, most of us operate largely at the mercy of those chemicalsexperiencing reactions, emotions and thoughts without realizing that we can strategically influence them


Physical Intelligence is the ability to detect and actively manage the balance of key chemicals in our bodies so that we can achieve more, stress less, and live and work more happily.   That’s important because while we all know that we are living in a time of unprecedented change – what many people don't know is that human beings are not evolving as quickly as the pace of change, leaving many of us feeling threatened, overwhelmed and stressed. 

While many of those hundreds of chemicals we can't and wouldn't want to influence, there are a number of key chemicals that we can and should influence.  Those work in combination to explain helpful and unhelpful, constructive and unconstructive, responses to situations at home, at work, and at play. When the balance is right, we call it the ‘Winning Cocktail’. We can impact that chemical cocktail through hundreds of techniques – ways of breathing, moving, thinking, visualising, and engaging with others. 

Physical Intelligence is relevant for people at all stages of life and in every imaginable role.   ​We have helped individuals, teams, and organisations transform their performance through Physical Intelligence and would love to have the opportunity to do the same for you.​

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