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High performing teams are required to respond quickly and creatively to business needs, collaborate effectively, and establish and manage mutual goals and team processes, while leveraging the capabilities of all team members. Full employee engagement is essential for maximum effectiveness. This programme will enable teams to thrive in these complex, demanding and ever-changing environments – utilising the power of Physical Intelligence to build strength, flexibility, resilience and endurance.

Learning Objectives

Team members will:

  • Understand how to build the five key behaviours of a high performing team: trust, commitment, accountability, results orientation and courageous communication – all essential for team building

  • Learn how to manage their physiology to sustain the emotional and mental strength required for clarity of thought, planning and decision making, high levels of energy and motivation, positivity and delivery against team goals

  • Develop the flexibility required to establish and strengthen significant internal and external relationships, to establish trust and maintain productivity in a demanding and fast paced business environment

  • Understand and apply resilience techniques and processes to diffuse conflict and achieve maximum collaboration/results when managing changes in direction, shifting priorities and time pressures

  • Prepare and rehearse strategies to build capacity and endurance for long term team effectiveness


Target Audience
Any intact team, regardless of level of seniority or experience.

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