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The Challenge

This executive team had the opportunity to be more than the sum of its parts – to make better use of its collective skills – to enhance innovation.  In order to help foster creativity, the Chief Executive Officer identified the need to challenge the team’s traditional affiliative style and increase its comfort level with constructive dissent, viewing it positively.

The Approach

Physical Intelligence techniques were used to address collaboration and innovation and challenge silo’ed thinking/protectionism.  Participants were introduced to posture and breathing techniques to achieve low cortisol and alert relaxation, essential for innovation and to develop the mental strength and clarity to manage their threat response in the midst of innovation – linking their mindset to physicality.  They learned what types of movements support convergent vs. divergent thinking and how to relax their minds to foster creative connections.  As a team, they collaborated on an exercise designed to promote divergent thinking and constructive dissent and learned how to counteract negative bias.  They also learned the importance of networks and social intelligence as opposed to silo’ed thinking to create an environment that fosters the ongoing exchange of ideas.

The Physical Intelligence group session was followed by one-on-one coaching on the use of physical intelligence techniques to reinforce the core concepts introduced during the group session and provide individual support tailored to each team member.


Within only weeks of the training, it was clear that the team was working together better and interacting in a more effective way.  Each individual’s performance and level of confidence had clearly improved.  Within months, operating results had increased, feedback from clients had improved, and the team had received excellent feedback from regulators.  In addition, because executive team members were more empowered, they, in turn, more effectively empowered their teams, freeing up more time for the executive team to work on strategic planning vs. tactics.  As new individuals have joined the team, they have recognized and commented positively on the open collaboration and constructive approach the team takes and its comfort level with challenging each other’s thinking.  On a personal level, the physical intelligence training had also positively impacted the personal life for many team members, enabling them to more effectively manage their professional and personal lives.

"I'm proud of the way the team has been willing to try new ways of working and accept challenges that we previously would have found uncomfortable. We have come to understand that we can recognise and control our instinctive reactions with positive effects on our business."

John Trundle

CEO, Euroclear

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