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Three Ways to Lead with Humility

Humility is the fourth leadership attribute highlighted by Mark Carney in his speech, ‘Reflections on Leadership in a Disruptive Age’, delivered to future global leaders at Regent’s University, London on 19 February 2018.

We have long known that the most effective leaders are those with humility. In leadership, humility is the ability to maintain a modest view of our own importance. Carney remarks, “Do not confuse your leadership role with yourself or become addicted to the status and privileges of power. Rather, recognise that all leadership is temporary, that you will be custodians of your institutions and keepers of their flames.”

The mental, emotional and physical state of humility has a distinct bio-chemistry as do the other three leadership attributes Carney cites, ambition, purpose and clarity. By understanding the bio-chemistry of humility, leaders can create the state of humility whenever they need it and especially when overplaying power would be detrimental.

Here are three key actions that help keep leaders humble:

1. Reflect deeply on others’ agendas and narratives as if you are in their shoes –be honest about both difficulties and opportunities.

2. Learn from mistakes and successes.

3. Empower people by giving them status, without lowering your own

The chemistry behind each action and a daily routine to help keep you humble:

As Head of the Bank of England, and caretaker of the nation’s finances, Carney’s leadership affects an entire nation. While the scope of our decisions may not be quite as broad, Carney’s guidelines around ambition, purpose, clarity and humility apply to us all and will serve us well regardless of where or when we find ourselves in a leadership role.

We hope this leadership series has helped you manage your own ambition, purpose, clarity and humility, strengthening your role as a leader. For more information on the role physical intelligence plays in leadership, read more here or contact us through We would love to speak with you about how we have transformed the leadership culture for our clients.

Stay tuned for our spring series on Spring Cleaning Our Body and Mind – driving top performance at work and home by viewing this time of year as an opportunity for personal and professional evolution.


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