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Life is Hectic. Be BRAVE.

Trying to get everything done before vacation?

Here are five easy steps to keep your energy levels high.

Have you ever found yourself thinking, “If I can just make it through the next two weeks……”? You’re not alone with this thought, especially this time of year. How does being in this frame of mind make you feel? Motivated, perhaps, to accomplish all that needs to be done, but also perhaps wondering where the necessary energy is going to come from. This frame of mind is a clear sign that you are already in overdrive. Your energy levels are dropping and you’re pushing through fatigue. The next time you find yourself feeling this way, STOP. There’s a better way. By taking control of your body using Physical Intelligence it is completely possible to work in a way that is strong, flexible, and creative. You will be able to work within reasonable boundaries and achieve results every day.



Use meditation of any kind or a breathing technique, such as Paced Breathing. When you breathe, breathe:

1. Deeply: expanding ribs and abdomen

2. Smoothly: with even flow

3. Actively: count the in and out breath

4. Rhythmically: repeat pattern in and out), for at least 10 minutes a day

Perform this exercise in the morning, on your journey to work, or in the evening after you arrive home. What's important is to find the daily window that works best for you as you create a paced breathing habit.

Paced breathing changes the way you think and feel and has a cumulative effect. Once you establish the habit, if you miss a few days, you’ll find that your decisions are lower quality and your diary may become unmanageable.

Why Does It Work? Breathing techniques boost DHEA – an important steroid made in the adrenals giving us vitality, stamina and longevity.


See overdrive energy for what it is. It’s easy to fool ourselves into thinking that we are winning! We tell ourselves that we’re hyper efficient, getting it all done, but the truth is, we’re not thinking straight. We’re draining ourselves and others around us. It’s like driving your engine consistently at high rpms. We need to shift gear and find a gear that will give us a smoother ride. To do that: stop, sit/stand up tall, zoom out, look at the situation from a neutral, high level perspective, and make clear decisions about how to streamline your plan.

Why Does It Work? Changing gears like this in the moment brings in enough acetylcholine (cognitive function, memory, renewal) to make it possible for us to switch out of overdrive and into ‘smooth drive’.


Use regular physical activity to remain fit and change your mood. Be active in your choices – make time for physical activity. To quote Nike, “Just do it.”

Why Does It Work?

When we exercise, Cortisol (the stress chemical) lowers, and serotonin (for well-being and balance) is boosted.


Imagine yourself re-filling with vital energy. This sounds abstract, but there is always available energy when you take a breath and use imagery the way top athletes and artists do. When you are highly visible in your role and spend extended time interacting with clients/colleagues/senior managers/at board level/leading teams, it can feel as if each “performance” drains you. Refill your tank. Remember that you can keep refilling your energy reserves using breath and mental imagery, even whilst you are performing a demanding role.

Why Does It Work?

The science behind this is that when we think in this way – visualizing the energy tanks refilling – mitochondria (energy releasing organisms in every cell in our body) release new energy.

Express yourself accurately

Overdrive and isolation go hand in hand. We believe we can’t afford the time to stop and talk to someone close to us about what is happening, we just keep going, and this leads to more energy drain. Someone asks how we are and we answer, “I’m fine.” NO! Use this moment to recognise your overdrive, and say something more significant (choose the appropriate person), for example, “I’ve been working hard to clear up a number of things before I leave on holiday. It would be easy to feel overwhelmed, (breathe) but I am staying in the driving seat (visualise energy refilling).” Naming what is really happening helps process the experience, if we don’t name what is happening out loud, to others, we are more likely to keep repeating our mistakes and become more drained.

Why Does It Work?

Oxytocin increases when we are socially connected and receive support, which lowers cortisol (stress/threat).

This time of year, life can be hectic. Remember to be BRAVE!

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