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What is the Physical Intelligence Institute?


The Physical Intelligence Institute is the world's leading resource and community interested in the development, sharing and application of Physical Intelligence...

... a community of pioneering, adventurous coaches and leaders practicing Physical Intelligence and/or learning how to apply the techniques and the theory of Physical Intelligence to their coaching and people transformation activities.

... a place to share all the best "how tos," insights, research, technologies, practices, experiences, and resources.


... a place to continue to develop and share the Physical Intelligence pedagogy.


... a place to share and celebrate the amazing ability of our bodies.


... a place to provoke, raise standards, and translate this work to help people achieve more, stress less, and live more happily.

... a place where everyone is aware that EveryBodyKnows®.

Why Physical Intelligence Matters for Coaches

The body is a hugely underexplored and underutilised resource to improve performance and our ability to change, which makes it important for coaches to understand and leverage. By working with techniques such as breath, movement and visualisation to change the chemistry of the body, you can access enhanced levels of performance and unlock your client’s ability to transform. There are over 100 techniques rooted in science and underpinned by over 175 pieces of research.

Whether you already work with the body, or whether this is a completely new area for you, this course will give you the fundamentals to and the confidence to deepen your practice by incorporating Physical Intelligence.

What's in the Curriculum?

Coaching with Physical Intelligence is a 7-week blended learning experience of instructor-led and self-directed modules, as well as a group work with a community of coaches who are engaged in the same journey toward a deeper understanding of Physical Intelligence and application of Physical Intelligence techniques designed to enrich their client work and their own lives.  



















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