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"The Physical Intelligence approach using creativity and movement was fantastic for illustrating concepts such as resistance, shared leadership and barriers to real communication without having to labour through presentations. Somehow this gets much quicker to real, embodied learning than many of the conventional workshops."
Capital One

"It pushed my boundaries, used unique techniques (at least to me) and has left me with much to think about and several things to do."
Natural England

"The benefits were evident in unleashing energy for change. Physical Intelligence is a product that totally removes the boundaries associated with traditional development processes."

“Excellent combination of physical and theoretical worlds. Thoroughly enjoyable, rewarding and worthwhile two days.”
National Express


"Physical Intelligence helped our people to connect with our plans at a personal level and take personal accountability. The results that we are seeing are fantastic."  
Jane Archbold, Managing Director, Sage (UK) Accountants Division


"Some of the most stimulating and innovative approaches to embedding leadership skills that I have ever seen" 
Tim Nightingale, CEO, Somerset Leisure Ltd


"For a team the beginning is an important part of the journey, otherwise people don't believe in it. The preparation and facilitation provided by CIM was invaluable. the team were very quickly willing to open up to new perspectives. Because the learning is physical it lasts - you can replay the memory and the moment and reuse it." 
Dr. Stefanie Teichmann, Group Strategy Director, Coca Cola


"Really great coaching, authoritative and direct" 
Jonathan Burney, Head of Regional Advocacy and Partnerships Team, Natural England


"Physical Intelligence is the missing piece" 
Dr. Stefanie Teichmann, Group Strategy Director, Coca Cola

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