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The Challenge

Quick wins for Sony business people in creating great presentations and high performance in meetings

The Approach

Engaging interaction between leaders, teams and clients requires strength, flexibility, resilience and endurance. Physical Intelligence explores the physical mechanisms used to achieve powerful communication and influence.


For example, establishing your authority and calmness requires awareness and release of tension; techniques to release jaw and neck tension allow for a full and measured vocal tone. Physical Intelligence unlocks new ways of thinking and being to achieve a natural and impactful influencing style.


Physical Intelligence was integrated into existing presentation skills and personal impact courses designed by Bi-Jingo. Physical Intelligence techniques such as Posture, Presence, Making an Entrance, Relationshift and Your ‘I’ were used to help delegates to manage their physiology and handle diverse and challenging presentation environments


“My personal presence has taken a huge leap, I wish I had done something like this years ago.

“The Physical Exercises are well designed and linked to the theory. I am going to remember a lot of what I learned because I actually experienced it physically."

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