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The Challenge

A local authority responding to funding cuts and a restructure needed to become a financially viable enterprise quickly. Mindsets had to shift to think in an enterprising way. A large and despondent team of managers needed to step up to the task

The Approach

Physical Intelligence brought High Performance Leadership Behaviours to life. We gave each behaviour a movement and a thought process. These were explored in a workshop in which memorable learning and insights were drawn out through a creative physical experience. Managers were invited to re-create and represent visually some of the real dilemmas they faced. This helped to draw out hard data from emotional scenarios, equipping them to deal with the challenges ahead.


Developing Solutions, Flexible Thinking, Understanding and Openness were just some of the behaviours explored. We enabled delegates to build a capacity for better performance through stronger personal and collective behaviours.


"A week after the programme, 20 business improvements were logged; there was an unprecendented level of enthusiasm and focus. Three months on, with vivid pictorial memories to remind us, every manager present has created a plan for improvements in their area of responsibility and submitted it to the CEO. We are really tackling the need for a changed culture and structure now. Attitudes are contagious.....are yours worth catching?" 

Margaret Luck

Head of HR,  Somerset Leisure 

"Some of the most stimulating and innovative approaches to embedding leadership skills that I have ever seen. HR will be seeking the Value for Money award for bringing in inspirational training."


Tim Nightingale

CEO, Somerset Leisure 


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