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The Challenge

New competition in a climate of accelerated technological development and recession needed to be faced; entrenched behaviours and processes prevented the organisation from being agile and moving with the times. The organisation needed to change its current mindset and create a new vision and strategy.

The Approach

Working in collaboration with Leap Partnership, Physical Intelligence techniques were used to facilitate profound insights into changes in behaviour and mindset to empower a change in attitudes.


Diagnosis revealed the need for greater risk taking, individual responsibility, and keeping the long and short term in mind. Strength, flexibility, resilience and endurance were all explored - showing how positive momentum is created in teams and organisations.


Past, present and future visions were represented in an artist drawn 'Rich Picture'. Using Physical Intelligence, the metaphors in the pictures were translated into real behaviours and a commitment to implement change.



The company achieved double-digit growth and is the highest performing part of Sage UK. It is now on track with its 5 year strategy. The accountants division has become a risk taking community operating in a robust climate of trust.

"Physical Intelligence helped our people to connect with our plans at a personal level and take personal accountability. The results we are seeing are fantastic. We are ahead of delivery against our initiatives, starting to improve our business performance in terms of revenue and profit ahead of plan - and our people engagement and customer satisfaction scores have improved. We're on track for a very successful year in a challenging market."

Jayne Archbold

Managing Director

Sage UK Accountants Division

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