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  • Session length:  60 mins to 3.5 hours

  • For teams sizes 4 to 600

  • Sessions delivered virtually or in person

Who Stole My Motivation?

How you can find and sustain your own motivation and trigger it in others.

Great for:

  • Leaders looking to reignite, refocus or repurpose a team

  • Individuals and teams recovering from change, lockdown and stressful times

  • Fatigued teams and leaders

Together Again

Reconnecting in the new hybrid workplace, powering up team performance and recreating high trust high performance teams and workplaces

Great for:

  • Teams and leaders getting back together

  • Teams moving to permanent hybrid working

Mental Strength & Stability, Emotional & Physical Resilience

How to balance work and life, and the pressures of delivering, leading and performing, especially through uncertainty.

Great for:

  • Leaders facing a challenging and relentless road ahead

  • Leaders with heavy demands on their time and a big mission to deliver.

  • Individuals and teams who want to focus and join forces more powerfully towards results.

  • Leaders under intense scrutiny or managing through real/reputational crisis

Connecting & Leading Remotely

How to keep teams feeling connected when they are not physically together and are working virtually

Great for:

  • Leaders leading their teams remotely

  • Individuals and teams working separately in complex environments in a socially distanced world 

  • Teams needing to continue to collaborate, sell, and innovate together

Powerful Communication, Influence, & Impact in a Hybrid World

Personal and collective skills to build rapport, communicate with strength, increase impact and influence in a hybrid world.

Great for:

  • Internally facing teams

  • Externally facing teams

  • Teams needing a performance uplift in their ability to communicate and Influence 

Achieving Peak Performance

Intro to Physical Intelligence – build People

Great for:

  • Teams and leaders wanting a sustained performance advantage

  • Leaders and teams wanting a high-performance and healthy culture

Creating Certainty in Uncertainty

What uncertainty does to us - how to lead and find certainty in yourself and create certainty in others.

Great for:

  • Leaders leading through uncertain change

  • Teams going through uncertain and difficult change/transition

  • Individuals and teams in transition

Energy Gain, Recovery & Sustained Performance

How our personal energy works and the practices for successful energy management and renewal.

Great for:

  • Leaders driving for performance or rising to a big challenge

  • Teams under pressure for extended periods

  • Individuals and teams under pressure, feeling fatigue or needing a boost

  • Human resource teams who have been under sustained pressure 

Leading & Managing Others' Wellbeing 

How to skillfully diagnose and intervene to help others change their state of being, reduce stress and increase performance

Great for:

  • Leaders, managers, HR business partners helping teams/individuals to manage stress and to shift their performance

  • Leaders with young, new or high potential teams who wish to embrace current challenges and create positive (encourage) development opportunities

  • Individuals and teams who need to collaborate and support each other during difficult times 

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