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science based performance SOLUTIONS FOR TODAY 

  • Sessions:  60 mins to 60 hours

  • Individual or cohort coaching/facilitation

  • Groups/teams size: 3 to infinite

  • Sessions delivered virtually or in person

How you can find and sustain energy and excellence and provide the tools for others

"This is what I have been waiting for. I couldn't find it anywhere else."   Leader 2023

Great for:

  • Leaders looking to reignite how they are working,  reasses themselves and/or refocus or repurpose a team

  • Successful or struggling individuals and teams reeling from change and stressful times

  • Fatigued teams and leaders who need to upgrade and reinvent their working culture

High Performing Teams

When teams come together these days it has to be special. Powering up team performance relies on recreating high trust, high purpose teams fired up by the 'Oxytocin Factor'

Great for:

  • Teams wanting to be optimistic, strategic, trusted and resilient

  • Teams that are dispersed or fragmented needing to align

  • Global teams coming together to do connected and accelerated work to solve problems

Personal Sustainability and Leadership Resilience

Building a Culture of Well Being

How to design and embed principles for working and living that generate energy rather than drain it, connect people rather than distance them, create motivation not destroy it, and where the pressures of delivering, leading and performing, especially through uncertainty are understood, mitigated. There is joy at work.

Great for:

  • Leaders and their newly formed teams wanting to start things right

  • Organisations, Leaders and teams with a big mission to deliver.

  • Individuals and teams who want to focus and join forces more powerfully towards results.

  • Leaders under intense scrutiny or managing through real/reputational crisis

 Leading in Transition

"More change coming"

  We hear that almost every day. How to Lead through ambiguous, uncertain times, supporting others, enabling teams to function, while leading through a lens of care and navigating with strategic clarity 

Great for:

  • Leaders who are carrying a lot of responsibility for change

  • Individuals and teams working in complex environments where levels of uncertainty are impacting resilience and performance

  • Leaders and teams needing to communicate, collaborate, sell, and innovate together by being flexible in style and approach

Powerful Communication and Public Speaking

Personal and collective skills to build rapport, communicate with presence, increase impact and influence, and deliver key messages - virtually, live face-to-face or hybrid

Great for:

  • Internally facing teams/tiers

  • Externally facing teams/tiers

  • Technical experts, researchers and scientists who bring  great value but may not enjoy communicating publically

  • Teams needing a performance uplift in their ability to communicate and Influence 

  • Leaders needing support to augment/rebuild reputation and visibility

Accelerated Leadership Performance

How to be the leader that the situation needs you to be, flexing your style with complete authenticity.

Great for:

  • High potential leaders who want to learn to get it right first time.

  • Teams and leaders wanting a sustained performance advantage

  • Leaders and teams wanting a high-performance and healthy culture

  • Leaders who like to be active and embodied

Free From Nerves

What uncertainty does to us is pure physiology. How to dominate nerves and find certainty in yourself and in public situations so that you can be at your best

Great for:

  • Employees, friends, everyone you know who suffers from fear of public speaking, appraisals, networking events, parties, first dates


Playing the Lead

How do performers lead on stage, and what we can learn from world class dancers, actors, directors and comediens?

Great for:

  • CEOs wanting more edge, insight and inspiration

  • Leaders who have risen despite their Imposter Syndrome and who want to go forward with bullet proof confidence

  • Individuals in tough roles wanting to learn to speak with authority and compassion

  • Leaders preparing to step into new, challenging roles higher up the ladder

  • Human resource leaders who orchestrate change and want more to explore how their voice is heard at Board level

Leading & Managing Others' Wellbeing 

How to skillfully diagnose and intervene to help others change their state of being, reduce stress and increase performance

Great for:

  • Leaders, managers, HR business partners helping teams/individuals to manage stress and to shift their performance

  • Leaders with young, new or high potential teams who wish to embrace current challenges and create positive (encourage) development opportunities

  • Individuals and teams who need to collaborate and support each other during difficult times 

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