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The Secret to TED-Quality Technical Presentations

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

In our experience, technical specialists (research and development teams, architectural engineers, corporate IT, etc.) are often an under-served population when it comes to formal communications training. Often, when they do receive traditional communications training, they've been dismissive, thinking – “This isn’t for me…it’s just something repurposed from sales.” As a result, they resist the learning and behavior doesn’t change.

In many cases, the business has not been overly concerned about that – believing that these teams are working behind the scenes, building new solutions, keeping the infrastructure running, supporting client facing individuals, etc. However, we know that when technical specialists are able to more clearly communicate, the entire organization benefits.

We have found that incorporating Physical Intelligence theory and techniques into communications training is more effective at preparing technical specialists to craft and communicate more clear, compelling, business relevant messages. It does that by highlighting the underlying science behind how our behavior impacts our own chemistry and the chemistry of the audience, for example:

-- We can influence the chemistry (confidence, trust, motivation, buy-in) in the audience by boosting their dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and testosterone levels.

-- Using stories and powerful imagery not only enable us to simplify complex research and data-driven narratives, they change the neuro-chemistry in the body and brains of the audience, specifically boosting dopamine, (which influences the audience’s motivation to buy in) and oxytocin, (which increases the audience’s level of trust in you and your call to action).

-- Well structured communication boosts confidence (testosterone) and clarity (acetylcholine) in the audience enabling them to listen and engage fully.

-- Using posture and breathing techniques to manage their cortisol levels, enables technical specialists to reduce their own stress and the audience’s uncertainty.

We call our program, Powerful Communication for Technical Specialists. Because the program is rooted in science, the content has more credibility with the technical audience. Because it’s more credible, the technical specialists are more receptive to the message…because they’re more receptive to it, they’re willing to experiment with the techniques…and because the techniques work, experimenting with them brings about behavior change.

This training is important because strategic decisions should be made based in part on the recommendations of technical specialists. It’s not enough to simply give them a seat at the table, they should be armed with the tools to be heard. If they’re not able to deliver messages in a way that compels the business to listen to them, their invaluable perspective isn’t considered and crucial opportunities for advancement and differentiation in the market can be missed.

Individuals who have participated in this training have experienced an immediate transformation in their communication effectiveness, with several seeing their research or recommendations turn into new product offerings and strategies or receiving long awaited funding for additional research. Many participants have been promoted quickly up one and two levels, and given the opportunity to lead critical new initiatives.

Even in organizations where training budgets have been scaled back, Powerful Communication for Technical Specialists has been mandated globally…because it works…and its impact can be clearly seen and measured. In the words of one of our clients,

“Powerful Communication for Technical Specialists…is absolutely business relevant to drive effectiveness and to build the perception of technical leaders as business partners.”

If you have a team of technical specialists that need to shift from too technical and timid to TED, Physical Intelligence is the secret ingredient.

We would love the opportunity to talk with you about its transformative effect. For more information about Powerful Communication for Technical Specialists or about Companies in Motion and Physical Intelligence, please visit

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