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You’ve seen them. Individuals who can stand in front of a crowded auditorium and eloquently make their point without breaking a sweat. People who walk into a room and engage total strangers in conversation with ease. The executive who, no matter how stressful the meeting, is unflappable as she communicates her message.

The Confident. How do they do it?

People wonder why their confidence fluctuates depending upon the situation. Our clients frequently ask “What is the key to maintaining a high level of confidence in highly challenging situations?” Our answer? Technique – specifically, Physical Intelligence techniques that enable users to balance their chemistry and create what we call the ‘Winning Cocktail.’ We can power our performance by understanding the chemical story behind our behavior. By applying these techniques, users develop a deep seated, robust confidence that helps even when they are at the limit of their capacity.

So…What is the Chemistry of Confidence? There are three crucial components:

If these are the ingredients, how do we balance the cocktail for confidence? We need to read the signals; track our mental and emotional state, understand the behaviours associated with each chemical and apply the Physical Intelligence techniques that boost or lower the relevant chemicals.

Physical Intelligence (PI) is a large body of work formed over 15 years, bringing together the very best practice for developing peak performance used by top performers in sport and the arts. By applying PI techniques on a daily basis to situations where our steepest learning curves are, we can develop robust confidence whenever needed. The best performers are only as good as their technique. In our work in the financial, pharmaceutical, travel, and technology sectors, Companies in Motion have found that potential top performers in business are hungry for more techniques to help ensure that looking and feeling confident is not left to chance. We show people how to transform the way they perform and enable them to operate at a consistently differentiated level. Understanding and managing the Chemistry of Confidence is essential step in developing Peak Performance.

Get in touch – let’s see what can we do to help you balance your Winning Cocktail.

About Companies In Motion

Transforming how organizations learn and engage, Companies In Motion (CIM) supports you and your organisation’s overall performance.

Many organizations are moving away from the traditional Performance Management models to something more innovative and meaningful. In response to this change, Learning and Development teams are implementing Physical Intelligence programs that support performance across the curriculum: leadership, innovation, change management, team building, sales, negotiating, and more.

Contact CIM for more information on how Physical Intelligence can support performance across your company.

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