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Physical Intelligence - the Most Important Intelligence for the Twenty- First Century

You’ve heard about Cognitive Intelligence (IQ) and Emotional Intelligence (EQ). How about Physical Intelligence (PI)?

Physical intelligence not only sits alongside but underpins our cognitive and emotional intelligence. Becoming more physically intelligent helps us create lives, businesses and societies where people take responsibility for themselves, are more informed and thoughtful about how to use their capacity, and are equipped with techniques that foster harmony and help them achieve and sustain peak performance

What is PI?

With over 400 neurotransmitters and hormones influencing how we think, feel, speak and behave our bodies are amazing examples of intelligent design and function. Physiology determines our physical reactions, emotions, and thoughts, yet most of us simply experience those things without realizing that we can transform them. ‘Physical Intelligence’ is the active management of our physiology through simple, easy to use breath, thought, movement and conversational techniques, many of which have been previously restricted to the worlds of elite sport and art.

By utilizing Physical Intelligence techniques, we can improve our strength, flexibility, resilience and endurance, increasing our confidence and enabling us to make better decisions, master ambitious challenges and live a more constructive, fulfilling life.

Launching in January of 2019, Physical Intelligence: Harness your body's untapped intelligence to achieve more, stress less and live more happily will provide a detailed a highly successful four-part strategy for raising your performance at work and home so that you can thrive in today’s busy, challenging world. Authors Claire Dale and Patricia Peyton are Directors of Companies in Motion, which has worked across the globe teaching the methods of Physical Intelligence to Fortune 100 and FTSE 1000 companies.

Over the next few weeks, drawing on techniques from the book we will take a closer look at specifically how PI can help us Achieve More, Stress Less and Live More Happily. We will share stories of how PI has transformed both individual lives and team effectiveness and will give you a sneak peek into the book by sharing a few PI techniques.

In the meantime, capture a baseline of your own Physical Intelligence right now by taking our quiz. Following that, we invite you to read the book. Come back six months from now and take the quiz again. We’re confident that you’ll be impressed by the increase in your #Physical Intelligence.


About Companies in Motion

Transforming how organizations learn and engage, Companies in Motion (CIM) supports you and your organisation’s overall performance.

Many organizations are moving away from the traditional models for managing performance to something more innovative and meaningful. In response to this change, many are implementing Physical Intelligence programs that support performance across the curriculum: leadership, innovation, change management, team building, sales, negotiating, and more.

Contact CIM for more information on how Physical Intelligence can support performance across your company.

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