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Physical Intelligence is the ability to actively manage your physiology to achieve a differentiated level of performance. How can you identify your level of physical intelligence?

Read through these characteristics to see where you stand in your Physical Intelligence.

People with High Physical Intelligence…

- Use posture and breathing techniques to maintain a positive approach to problem solving while taking responsibility for their mood and mental alertness

- Are aware of the physical aspects of their emotions and have a high level of emotional intelligence

- Understand boundaries and exercise self-control

- Are physically relaxed under most circumstances, using energy and muscular tension efficiently

- Have explored and fine-tuned their personal impact in selling, presenting, influencing and one-to-one relationships

- Exude natural confidence and authority. What they say carries ‘weight’ and they appear spontaneous and genuine

- Can think well on their feet by applying grounding/centering techniques

- Notice body language in people around them and respond accordingly

- Are inspiring, enthusiastic and clear communicators because their body and their message are aligned

- Nurture and develop their people by listening, watching, becoming attuned to their potential

- Their eye contact is direct and they come across as trustworthy and clear thinking

- Are relaxed and at ease in their own skin so that creative, lateral or alternative thinking comes easily, enabling projects to succeed well, and people to thrive; life is serious fun

People with excellent Physical Intelligence…

- As a matter of habit are able to consistently notice and interpret subtle changes in their own physical state, and link this to their emotional and mental states; they use this intelligence as a sort of internal radar, and act on the information where necessary as soon as possible

- Are consistently noticing and monitoring physical signs in their environment and the people around them and use these signs to ask questions and resolve issues – rather like advanced driving techniques

- Expect and achieve a high degree of well-being for themselves and for people around them

- Are at ease with themselves, creative and good at developing people; they and their people thrive beyond initial expectations and share surprising success stories that attract business-wide interest

At CIM we are working with organizations globally that want to create a new performance dynamic. Whether you are leading a team, client facing, delivering challenging messages or in a very demanding role, it is possible to use physical intelligence techniques to actively manage your physiology to achieve a differentiated level of performance, please join us. Improve your decision making capacity, even when there is uncertainty. We would love the chance to enhance physical intelligence for you or your team and invite you to contact us .

About Companies In Motion

Transforming how organizations learn and engage, Companies In Motion (CIM) supports you and your organisation’s overall performance.

Many organizations are moving away from the traditional Performance Management models to something more innovative and meaningful. In response to this change, Learning and Development teams are implementing Physical Intelligence programs that support performance across the curriculum: leadership, innovation, change management, team building, sales, negotiating, and more.

Contact CIM for more information on how Physical Intelligence can support performance across your company.

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