Physical IntelligenCE


Session length:  45 mins to 2 hours.

All sessions are delivered virtually.


Who Stole My Motivation?

How you can find and sustain your own motivation and trigger it in others.


Ideal for:

  • New leaders looking to reignite a team

  •  Individuals and teams recovering from change, lockdown and stressful times

  •  Fatigued teams and leaders


Creating Certainty in Uncertain Times

What uncertainty does to us, how to lead and find certainty in yourself and create certainty in others


Ideal for:

  • Leaders leading through uncertain change

  • Teams going through uncertain and difficult change

  • Individuals and teams in transition


Energy Gain
and Release

How energy works and the practices for successful energy management and renewal, including the fundamental performance techniques and habits to gain and sustain energy and avoid continuously running on empty

Ideal for:  

  • Leaders driving for performance or rising to a major challenge

  • Teams under pressure for extended periods

  • Teams and leaders that want a performance advantage

  • Individuals and teams under pressure, feeling fatigue, or in need of a turbo charge


Thriving Alone and Surviving Isolation

How isolation affects us as humans
(with insight into Oxytocin and Serotonin) and how you can overcome feelings (yours and others) of being alone and disconnected 

Ideal for:

  • Leaders leading their teams remotely

  • Individuals and teams working separately in complex environments in a socially distanced world

  • Teams needing to continue to collaborate, sell, and innovate together while working remotely


Helping and Coaching Others During COVID

How to skillfully diagnose and intervene to help others change their state of being, reduce stress and increase performance.

Ideal for:

  • Leaders, managers, HR business partners helping teams/individuals to manage stress and to shift their performance

  • Leaders with young, new or high potential teams who wish to embrace current challenges and create positive (encourage) development opportunities

  • Individuals and teams who need to collaborate and support each other during difficult times


Mental Toughness

How to balance work and life, and the pressures of delivering, leading and performing through uncertainty.


Ideal for:

  • Leaders facing a challenging and relentless road ahead

  • Leaders with heavy demands on their time and a big mission to deliver.

  • Individuals and teams who want to focus and join forces more powerfully towards results.

  • Leaders under intense scrutiny or managing through real/reputational crisis