Physical IntelligenCE




 it's time to give your organisation what it needs to survive this new normal.


think of it as the corporate covid cure ... for everything except the virus.


join the revolution.

"Physical Intelligence should be part of everyone’s education in business – the earlier the better. It’s a gift and the quicker the business gives you this gift, the healthier you will be – physically, mentally and emotionally – inside and out of work."

Head of Business Development,

Global Pharmaceutical Company

"Physical Intelligence is as important or more important than any other form of intelligence. That's hotly debated and not yet really respected and this needs to change."

Wayne McGregor CBE
Resident Choreographer, Royal Ballet

Businesses desperately need people to keep their foot on the accelerator, and yet recent research tells us that although productivity has gone up, the burden is being carried by just a few while productivity for the majority has dropped.  Here's the current scenario ... fewer people doing the work, more pressure to perform, more challenging work environments (e.g., back to back virtual calls, less than ideal home offices), more aggressive goals, and more daunting challenges ... that's not sustainable if you maintain status quo. 

People need extended support and education in order to build their resilience, take charge of their wellbeing, enhance their productivity -- and improve your business outcomes. Organisations that provide this support and education now, will be better positioned to help their teams not just survive but thrive in our new normal -- creating more successful and more sustainable organisations.

Your organisation may already have a wellness or wellbeing protocol or strategy.  That's a start but if it doesn't include Physical Intelligence, a crucial component is missing.  While wellness programmes are to be welcomed and recent CIPD research tells us that they will be prioritized in the training budget, the majority of historic programmes are only scratching the surface.  As we look to the future they simply will not be enough to unlock the full potential of the people whose efforts will lift you out of this crisis.


It is time to once and for all look beyond the traditional ways of measuring organisational performance and employee support packages and acknowledge that we MUST do better in respecting, nurturing, supporting, and valuing these precious resources – our people – the human beings upon whom we rely to generate the ongoing revenue that will sustain us as we navigate the ongoing economic and operational changes and challenges.  We can’t simply expect people to work harder and trade our way out of the economic impact of the crisis. To create a physically intelligent organization, we’re talking about something different …something more powerful … something that will require a bit of innovation and reeducation ... Join the Revolution!

In a pre-covid Companies in Motion survey, 77% of people said they had no additional resources to apply in times of crisis.  Today, where we're all living in a new world of threat, we expect that percentage would be even higher.  We haven't experienced such an extended period of crisis since World War II. 


Those survey results mean that people are leaving their resilience to chance -- which means that their wellbeing and their productivity  are suffering ... and in some cases, so is their sanity. As a result, while your team members may look okay, it is highly likely that deep down they are NOT okay. They are not functioning optimally emotionally, mentally and physically.  And if they aren't functioning at peak, neither is your business.

Organisations can and should do more to help their team members adapt to this new normal ... but many don't know where to start.  We understand and we can help.

There is a direct and well documented connection between our physiology and our performance.  In fact, hundreds of neuroscientific studies tell us that physiology drives our performance in ways that most people don't yet fully understand, let alone have started to implement.  We describe Physical Intelligence as the most important intelligence you probably never heard about. It really matters -- especially right now -- because it doesn't just sit alongside our cognitive intelligence (IQ) and emotional intelligence (EQ), it underpins and strengthens them.