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The Challenge

To provide the recently expanded client and creative teams, within this busy marketing and creative agency with a range of tools to help them approach the start of the week positively and help create a stronger team dynamic.

The Approach

Physical Intelligence techniques for teams look at how the currency of energy and ideas are currently practiced within your teams and explore new ways of thinking and being to achieve stronger levels of engagement, communication and productivity. We explain the underlying physiology of these actions. Building upon the ability to notice more and work with changing dynamics, Physical Intelligence is an extremely revealing way to play out what a team currently looks like and actively help that team to roadmap, rehearse the way forward and develop a resilient approach to change.


A series of one-hour workshops were delivered applying techniques and exercises that draw out and turn a climate of tension to one of ease and engagement. Physical Intelligence techniques including Brain/Body Creativity Re-charge, Breathing Technique, Your ‘I’, Relationshift were applied to create the conditions necessary for understanding and collaboration


The whole of the Client Services Team agree that their Monday morning sessions now put them in the right frame of mind to start their working week. They have developed high levels of trust, leading to the use of a robust and open style of communication as they deal with the pressure and pace.

“The Physical Intelligence techniques are particularly useful in moments of high challenge and enable me to shape and change the outcomes in my favour.”


“As a leader in the organisation, these exercises enable me to set a robustly positive and highly adaptive tone in which there is time to breath and enjoy what we are creating together.”

Carrie Bedingfield

Owner, onefish Twofish


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