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Heightened competition, ready access to information and more complex negotiating teams and processes have made it increasingly difficult to achieve reasonable profit margins while maintaining strong client relationships.  This programme will enable negotiators to thrive in what has become a more demanding commercial environment – utilising the power of Physical Intelligence to build strength, flexibility, resilience and endurance.  Physical Intelligence training for negotiators has a clear and measurable impact on business outcomes, including helping a pharmaceutical sales team achieve a 12.5% increase in profit margin within three months of the training.


Learning Objectives


Delegates will:

  • Learn how to actively manage their physiology to sustain the emotional and mental strength required for: strategic planning, consistent clarity of thought, sound decision making, establishing and maintaining authority and status, vocal strength, positive energy and a win/win or walk mentality 

  • Develop the flexibility required to: develop significant internal and external relationships, creatively consider, explore and trade all options in a way that delivers value to both parties, break deadlock situations, and shift position from collaboration to profit protection with agility

  • Understand and apply resilience techniques and processes to: diffuse conflict and achieve maximum collaboration/results, manage a losing bias, handle objections used tactically, bounce back after disappointments 

  • Prepare and rehearse strategies to build capacity for long slow fuse negotiations

Target Audience


Any member of the negotiating team, regardless of level of seniority or experience.  Prerequisite:  Participating in negotiations training

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