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The Challenge

Low engagement and fast turnover of staff at first level leader level in an organisation with a steep hierarchical structure.

The Approach

By applying Physical Intelligence to motivational and management theory, practical learning exercises draw out new ways of thinking and behaving. It can help unlock the potential to know how to look forward positively, not look back, and stimulate other people to do the same.

Physical Intelligence modules, Posture and Presence, Your ‘I’, Flexibility MOT, Standing Your Ground, Relationshift were integrated into Leadership Development programmes. Learning through the Energy Investment Model, SDI Psychometric Profiles and the Grow Coaching Model was anchored through Physical Intelligence.


In a recent client survey 40% of the total group replied within 24 hours to tell us how they were still using Physical Intelligence at work one year later with excellent results.


“I have been promoted since the course and have had to lead meetings involving senior stakeholders. These have been significant events in which breathing, remaining calm, and sustaining a sense of gravitas have benefited me.”


“The concept of ‘I’ works brilliantly for me. I use it to train my own customer service team now.”

"After the three days with you I cancelled the job interview I had outside National Express, arranged a meeting with the depot manager and told him of the effect the course had had on me."

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