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George is a Senior Executive with over 20 years of international experience working at the highest level for a leading global organisation.  Areas of executive accountability include R&D, innovation, strategy, technology, commercialisation, restructuring, and turnarounds.  He has deep global perspective having worked and lived in China, Singapore, USA and the Middle East.  This is all combined with a passionate commitment to adding wider societal and environmental value through technology. 


Most recently George has led the prestigious corporate research unit called The Mars Advanced Research Institute.  It serves as the window to the world of science and technology for the large family owned food business MARS, and is at the cutting edge of transforming the food system, from nutrition to food safety to sustainability.  George led a world class active network of 40+ academic research institutions and hundreds of researchers, engaged and connected to a network of leading technology-focused venture groups around the world, translating this into transforming the core business and building new businesses.  George engages regularly with a broad range of senior internal and external stakeholders; academic, government and NGO institutions.   


Having been successful in a diverse range of environments, George is a great thought partner for CIM bringing a passion for science and technology research projects, the human body and brain, together with mission, strategy or organizational perspectives. Through all these experiences’ and strong collaboration with internal and external stakeholders George is a great partner to help Physical Intelligence become a global educational movement, putting people in charge of their physiology to achieve their highest performance. 


He has a Master’s degree in Laser Physics from the University of St Andrews in UK, and did a 3 year post graduate research program at Loughborough University in the UK developing unique 3D interferometers as diagnostic tools in difficult manufacturing environments. 

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