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Dr. Justin Kennedy
Senior Collaborator


Dr. Kennedy holds the position as the professor of wellbeing neuroscience and organisational behaviour at UGSM-Monarch Business School, in Hagedorn, Zug, Switzerland.

He is the Ph.D. professor of applied neuroscience with Canterbury Christchurch University as well as with several other U. K. universities, like Middlesex and Chester University.

His academic work recently defined the model of ‘Organisational Wellbeing Neuroscience’ and is a chapter in the academic textbook: The Handbook of Organisational Wellbeing (SAGE). His academic research informs his consulting in psychological safety to organisations globally. His clinical practice licence is in neuro-behavioural analysis.
His consulting and coaching practice is informed by his research and is globally sought as a keynote speaker after his TEDx talk. He coaches and collaborates with Professional Ph.D. candidates as part of his personal goal toward ensuring effective application of brain-based protocols that emerge in collaboration with Ph.D. candidate’s research and other industry experts.

His book, Brain Re-Boot, is an overview of applied neuroscience which proposes various approaches to resilience from behavioural and social neuroscience, neuroeconomics, educational and health neuroscience. The book offers brain-based tools to hack one’s behaviour that build resilience to stress related pathology and improving cognitive performance.

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