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Oliver James is Body Led Psychotherapist and Breathworker integrating breath, movement and bodywork to support personal, group and organisational transformation. His book, 21 Breaths (published in April 2021), introduces an essential collection of breathing techniques that not only help us to handle life in the 21st Century, but thrive within it. For those desperate to hack a good night’s sleep; requiring focus, confidence or wishing to supercharge their fitness; 21 Breaths offers a means to look after ourselves naturally, using the wisdom of your body and the power held in our breath. The book is supported by live classes, both online and in venue, as well as personalised workshops exploring natural and profound ways to improve resilience,  health and wellbeing.


Though he is best known for his connection to Breathwork and breathing techniques, if asked, Ollie would say "Embodied Exercise" (EmEx) best describes his work; think Somatic Psychotherapy merged with Breathwork, movement and Active Meditation. Faced with increasing uncertainty and a never-ending requirement for flexibility and resilience it seems, at first, essential to meet these challenges through up-skilling, endless training and qualifications. It is an easy trap to fall into for it is fed by the part in us triggered by what we do not know or have yet to experience. 


Rather than developing from the outside, in fact, our largest resource lies within us, encased in our subconscious. It is understandable that we might assume the decisions we make and actions we take are informed from a place of our highest wellbeing and best productivity but, actually, most of our decisions and actions are constructed from repetitive short cuts and self-negating constructs. Like an immense, physically derived, emotionally led computer program running in the background, our subconscious is ever-present and incredibly impactful. Our subconscious may be working in our favour, but what if it isn’t?


Embodied Exercise helps us to explore and engage with this part of ourselves by offering a means to experience it; to uncover, not only its binds and twists, but its effortless capacity to process and create. EmEx is an opportunity to discover how much energy we spend holding ourselves back, how quick we are to put ourselves down and how easily we challenge and turn on the people around us. Fortunately, it is possible to experience that it does not need to be this way; that we are far more capable than we could ever imagine and how simple it is to live and connect from this place of grace and ease.


Oliver’s work is perfect for individuals and organisations wishing to access the next-generation of support and learning which capitalises on the latest research and body-led psychotherapeutic support. 

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