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The Challenge

A new team and a new structure; the role of this team is to provide the rest of the business with relevant insights and thought leadership. A lot was at stake and the commercial pressures were growing day by day. The team needed to get to know each other fast, put the basics in place, and align together to form the strategy and goals.

The Approach

Team spirit and identity were priorities, as was the need to launch with real impact. Powerful Physical Intelligence techniques were used to remove blocks to future performance. By reframing rational thought processes and turning them into physical experience we helped delegates to think and reflect differently.


This approach draws out honest conversations to address real work scenarios and align people with the new strategy. Physical Intelligence techniques such as Your 'I' were then used to enable strength, focus and determination for the business challenges ahead.



Five months later the team was well on its way with 80% of the basics  fixed, and the team was receiving a steady stream of more positive feedback from other areas of the business reliant upon their input.

"The beginning is an important part of the journey, otherwise people don't believe in what lies ahead. The preparation provided by Companies in Motion for this event was invaluable. The team were very quickly willing to open up to new perspectives. Because the learning is physical, it lasts. You can replay the memory and the moment - and reuse it. Five months later the team is well on its way. 80% of the basics have been fixed, and the team is receiving more and more positive feedback from other areas of the business reliant upon their input."

Dr. Stefanie Teichmann

Strategy and Insights Director

NWEN, Coca Cola

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