Resilience plays an essential role in Physical Intelligence.

Here’s the science:


Relaxation blocks the harmful effects of stress chemicals adrenalin and cortisol by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system function and the production of acetylcholine.


Effective breathing and a period of renewal between high-pressured situations – even just a moment to pause for breath are beneficial; otherwise, the adrenals keep pumping out adrenalin without enough acetylcholine to balance it out.


To ensure that we have a ready supply of acetylcholine, we need a robust parasympathetic nervous system and good vagus nerve function. We enable this by creating regular micro-moments of relaxation – the time it takes to let go on one breath, a Saturday afternoon nap or a hot bath.


When we are in the midst of a busy week in a fast-paced, demanding environment, evenings can feel very short, particularly if you are working across time zones and emails continue to come in morning and night. The quick wind-down of a glass of wine or a beer is tempting because there is an immediate effect. Recovery breathing and sequential relaxation are just as effective and much healthier. It is worth cultivating your ability to relax and recover at will using your Physical Intelligence.


A mistake we make that contributes greatly to our low-resilience? We don’t diarise rest and recovery. Look at your calendar – have you identified REST days?  How about holidays?  When you look at the calendars of high-resilience people, you’ll find they diarise their downtime and have their restorative activities planned in - a massage every week, a date with an old friend, a few dinner parties or social events. Don’t be that person who never takes a holiday and is completely exhausted. Be the person who recognizes overdrive, can pull back from it, and manages expectations. Be the person who understands how to REST.

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