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London, England

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In today's business environment and society in general, our performance is increasingly challenged by an accelerated pace, demands for increased capacity, limited resources, and higher expectations. 


We need to be more robust and resilient, agile and innovative, collaborative and competitive – corporate athletes, running our own personal marathons and corporate artists, approaching challenge and change with creativity and innovation.  


Knowledge and technical skills are not enough for us to sustain current levels of success, let alone thrive. Sports psychologists and top performers in sport and the arts use a variety of techniques to build high performance. We need to learn from their success.  We need a revolution in the workplace.  We need a transformation in productivity.


The answer is Physical Intelligence.


Physical Intelligence is a high level of understanding and the active management of our physiology that enables us to develop excellent performance. Chemicals – neurotransmitters and hormones – largely dictate how we think, feel, speak and behave.  We can influence the balance of these chemicals with the strategic use of our minds and bodies. Underpinned by neuroscience, Physical Intelligence techniques and insights enable us all to operate at a differentiated level, putting us firmly in the driver's seat of our own performance.