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London, England

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Physical Intelligence techniques are already creating a revolution in the workplaces and lives where they have been implemented. 


Imagine a world where people are physically intelligent, where managing your own neurochemistry is commonplace and you do that through movement, right alongside your family, friends and colleagues – in a way that is as natural as switching on the computer.


That is already happening today in enlightened organisations that have invested in physical intelligence training for their teams. 


  • If you walk through the offices of a leading global investment bank today, you will see people practicing physical intelligence movements to better manage their heavy workload and aggressive deadlines. 

  • Recent research in a financial institution specialising in risk showed that applying simple Physical Intelligence techniques over a three week period led to a 67% increase in cognitive function in complex decision making.  

  • At a top pharmaceutical company, the sales team can be seen using Physical Intelligence techniques to collaborate more effectively across the organization and with clients. That team achieved a 12.5% increase in the value of their commercial deals after just one quarter of employing Physical Intelligence.

  • Individuals who have received Physical Intelligence coaching start their day and spend their commutes focused on meditation, posture and breathing and utilise Physical Intelligence techniques throughout their busy schedules.


We can help you achieve similar results.


Sage UK, Coca Cola, Somerset Leisure, National Express, Sony, Somerfield, Natural England, Onefish Twofish, Wellkom, BNY Mellon, Spaghetti House, Shire Pharmaceuticals, are just a few of the companies currently using Physical Intelligence.



Read about a few of our success stories below.