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Every part of the business should be innovating to contribute to the company’s purpose of creating and capturing value for all stakeholders.  This programme will prepare delegates to open their minds to new possibilities and increase their innovation success rate – utilising the power of Physical Intelligence to build strength, flexibility, resilience and endurance. 


Learning Objectives


Delegates will:

  • Learn how to manage their physiology to sustain the emotional and mental strength required for divergent thinking and the courage to challenge assumptions

  • Develop the flexibility required to free your mind, shift between divergent and convergent thinking and increase collaboration

  • Understand and apply resilience techniques and processes to manage and recover from resistance and continually challenge themselves

  • Prepare and rehearse endurance strategies to build a balanced innovation portfolio for sustained success


Target Audience


Any member of the organisation in any part of the business is responsible for innovation – this program is for everyone.


Suitable for any level including corporate university programs from entry level through middle managers and senior managers up to executive/board level individuals and teams.

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