World-class training for coaches

Coaching with Physical Intelligence certifies you to work with physiology to unlock enhanced performance and superior client outcomes.
New to coaching?  Power up with a science-based toolkit that you can apply immediately.

Experienced coach?  Deepen your practice and learn the latest ways to raise performance harnessing the technology of the body.

Would you like to...

  • Quickly enhance your effectiveness with a deeper toolkit of interventions

  • Increase your confidence as a coach

  • Build your credibility and understanding of human performance

  • Differentiate yourself in the coaching market and win more clients

  • Upgrade your coaching presence and impact

  • Build deeper trust with your clients

  • Get faster and longer-lasting results

  • Increase your value as a coach and maybe your fees!

  • Work, learn and grow alongside leading coaches like you

  • Learn the somatic science that underpins Emotional Intelligence

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​Within 3 weeks of starting the course:


of coaches have applied new techniques into their coaching


have integrated new high performance practices into their own lives


have more confidence to talk about the science of the body with their clients


World-class! I am halfway through the course and I have already applied seven techniques with my clients which made a huge difference.

Doug, Senior Executive Coach & former FTSE100 Board Member

A brilliant resource for professionals and practitioners. I can't imagine anybody - no matter how psychologically skilled or trained - who wouldn't learn a huge amount from this.

Roz, Body Psychotherapist

and Author

I've been studying coaching intellectually for 30 years. I have never felt so embodied as a coach since starting this course. It means so much to me - thank you.

John, EMCC accredited Life,

Executive and Team Coach


The world is demanding more from us as human beings than ever before.

Our resilience and performance are in the spotlight.


The body is an underexplored and underutilised resource to improve performance and our ability to change. This makes it important for coaches to understand and leverage. 

Working with physiology to change the chemistry of the body you can learn a new technology, enhance your current skillset and unlock your client’s ability to transform.

There are over 100 techniques rooted in science and underpinned by over 175 pieces of research.

Whether you already work with the body, or this is a completely new area for you, this course will give you the fundamentals and confidence to deepen your practice by incorporating Physical Intelligence.


​Our course has been completed by a wide range of coaches, leaders and practitioners, including;

  • Qualified coaches (MCC/PCC/ICF)

  • Director of mentoring

  • Certified counsellor

  • TV presenter

  • Psychotherapist

  • Certification leader at CTI

  • EMCC senior practitioner

  • Professional singer

  • University professor

  • Supervisor, Oxford Coaching and Mentoring (OCM)

  • Director of executive coaching programmes

  • Occupational psychologist

  • Yoga teachers

  • Consulting partner

  • Leaders who coach

  • Head of internal coaching

  • Phsyical trainer

The Physical Intelligence Institute is the world's leading resource and community interested in the development, sharing and application of Physical Intelligence.

  • A community of pioneering, adventurous coaches and leaders practicing Physical Intelligence and/or learning how to apply the techniques and the theory of Physical Intelligence to their coaching and people transformation activities.​

  • A place to share all the best "how-tos", insights, research, technologies, practices, experiences, and resources.

  • A place to continue to develop and share the Physical Intelligence pedagogy.

  • A place to share and celebrate the amazing technology of our bodies.

  • A place to provoke, raise standards, and translate this work to help people achieve more, stress less, and live more happily.​

THE Physical
Intelligence Institute



Master the scientific fundamentals, understand the framework and build your own Physical Intelligence as a coach.


Bounce back from adversity, manage conflict, nurture optimism, work with overwhelm and burnout, and build mental, emotional and physical fitness.


Explore and unlock inner strength, risk tolerance, mental toughness, cognitive function and emotional stability.


Access determination and staying power, tap into motivation to increase focus on goals and maintain superior, long-term execution.


Build agility and adaptability, self-esteem and creativity, and the ability to collaborate in order to embrace and instigate change.


Learn how to integrate Physical Intelligence quickly and powerfully into your current coaching practice. Embed and embody your new coaching skills.


  • 7 modules over 7 weeks with approximately 4 hours of learning per week

  • Complete your certification in just 7 weeks or choose to take longer to learn and integrate this in a timescale that suits you

  • A blend of live events, online content, peer coaching, and real and reflective practice

  • Learn from a cohort of coaches and work in smaller pods over the programme to practice, embed and embody what you learn

  • Join and connect from anywhere in the world with 2 time zones to suit your location

your course leader

Claire Dale is a leading exponent of Physical Intelligence, and co-author of Physical Intelligence the book. She is a sought-after coach, speaker, trainer and facilitator with a background in dance and choreography - and biochemistry. Claire has 20 years of experience as a corporate peak performance practitioner. Read more.

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Installment option available

  • 6.5 hours of live, interactive sessions (recorded)

  • 20 short, online lessons per module

  • Power assignments and peer coaching practice

  • Course handbook and coach support pack

  • 3 months free membership to The Physical Intelligence Institute including latest research, master classes and special events

  • Assessment and certification process


We want you to be completely comfortable with your decision to become certified in Coaching with Physical Intelligence.  If you are not completely satisfied after completing two modules of the programme, we will refund 100% of your money.

course dates


choose your time zone

There are two time zones to choose from: UK/Europe time and US time. You should choose a timezone that means you can attend the live events and work at a convenient time with other people in your cohort.